COSA Denver Park Ranger Seasonal Positions (Start Date of 7/29/24)

Hello parks and recreation colleagues,

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) has multiple ranger positions to fill, in various districts, with various shift work. Working as a seasonal park ranger with DPR is a great way to kick start your career. DPR offers competitive pay ($24.00/hr), a flexible 4×10 work week, and most importantly a chance to work with a great team. These positions, budget dependent, typically work 10-11 months out of the year. Our ranger team is trained and skilled in enforcing park rules and regulations with a high emphasis on de-escalatory and trauma informed practices. These positions are for those seeking unique challenges including assisting vulnerable members of our community getting connected with resources. We pride ourselves on being creative problem solvers and highly responsive to community complaints while addressing complex situations.

These positions have a mandatory start date of 7/29/24, the posting close on 6/26/24 so be sure to get your application in soon. Here is the link to the park ranger seasonal positions currently open:


Josh Glover | Park Ranger Manager
Parks & Recreation | City and County of Denver
cell: (303) 880-7918
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