COSA National Association for Interpretation – Interpretive Guide Certific ate

If you are working on your training budgets for next year . . . starting July 1, NAI is implementing a new pricing structure (consistent nationwide) for all CIG courses – full price around $600 for the four-day training with certificate and membership. There are still discounts if individuals already have a membership or are part of an institutional membership, but there is not the option to take it ‘without certification’ any longer for individual attendees. There is a decent discount for those with student/volunteer/retired membership status. It is also a bit more challenging to add within the last two weeks to take advantage of a last-minute opening (or to cancel in that timeframe), so plan ahead! NAI has rolled out a new web address,

South Platte Park has scheduled for our 20th year in offering this course, and would love to have any of your employees join us for this interactive, challenging course in front-line interpretation. We offer our course the first full week of November, now open for registration; and the first full week of March planned for next year.



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