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Hi Josh,

My name is Vicki with Denver Parks & Rec in the Natural Resources Section. I am a Wildlife Program Administrator and have worked for Denver Parks for 2 years now.

I worked for Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) for 33 years and was a District Wildlife Manager for 18 of those years. My career with CPW focused on wildlife management in the urban setting, dealing with people/wildlife conflicts and I continue to deal with urban wildlife issues in my new position with Denver Parks to this day. Canada geese and the issues surrounding that topic have always been at the forefront of my career and I continue to learn more about goose management issues in my new role with Denver Parks.

I would like to share (with the assistance of Kelly Uhing), what I’ve learned over my career and what Denver Parks is doing about goose management in the city with those who are interested. Attached is my application to do a presentation.

Thanks for your consideration to my request.



Vicki Vargas-Madrid | Wildlife Program Administrator

Natural Resource Operations|Denver Parks & Receation

p: (720) 865-4334 |cell: (720) 4173260


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Kelly Uhing | City Naturalist

Natural Resources Operations | Parks and Recreation

p: (720) 913.0659 |cell: (303) 880-2130 kelly.uhing

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Yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) is a List A Noxious Weed in Colorado that is required to be eliminated wherever found. This plant has been known to occur in Jefferson, Boulder, and Larimer Counties along the Front Range. Please help protect Colorado’s natural heritage and report noxious weed sightings on Denver Parks and Mountain Parks to Kelly.uhing. Thank you.