COSA Associate Director opportunity with Colorado Youth Corps Association

Hello COSA colleagues,

Colorado Youth Corps Association is seeking a new Associate Director! Interested candidates should review the attached position listing and complete the attached application. Materials are due to CYCA by Sunday, June 11th.

This is an opportunity to join a statewide nonprofit that serves a vibrant, impactful community of 9 accredited conservation corps performing diverse conservation projects! We also hold the largest AmeriCorps grant in Colorado so any relevant experience or credentials are highly-valued.

Many thanks for your consideration!

Kind regards,

Scott Segerstrom

Executive Director

Colorado Youth Corps Association

1640 Grant Street, Suite 210

Denver, CO 80203


(303) 863-0604 office


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The Colorado Youth Corps Association promotes youth development & conservation by strengthening Colorado corps.

CYCA Associate Director Opportunity.pdf

CYCA Associate Director Position Description.docx