COSA Know anyone in CD6 for a vacancy on the State Recreational Trails Com mittee? (applications due June 1, 2018)

Do you know anyone who lives in Congressional District 6 and is an experienced motorized trails user (ATVs and dirt bikes)? Would they be interested in volunteering on a state board and applying by June 1?

A map of Congressional District 6 is HERE; it includes Aurora and parts of the northern and southern Denver suburbs.

I represent CD1 (Denver) and non-motorized trails users on the State Recreational Trails Committee. The Committee makes recommendations on trails policy and up to $10 million in annual trails funding. It is carefully balanced, and this vacancy must be filled by a motorized trail user. It is critical to have a rep who is conservation-minded and collaborative.

The application and vacancy posting are HERE.

Please let me know if you know of anyone, and feel free to have them contact me if they have any questions.

Thanks for your help!

___________________Jill N. Ozarski
Denver, Colorado
(720) 289-2688