COSA hybrid trail contracting – looking for info…

Hello ā€“

If you have experience overseeing or administering trail construction (or other land improvements) that is implemented by a combination of contractors plus conservation/youth corps crews and/or volunteers (hybrid trail contracting), Iā€™d be interested in hearing your experience and perspectives. (We have lots of experience working with contractors, conservation corps crews, and volunteers ā€“ but are looking for info on projects implemented by a combination of contractors plus corps/volunteers ā€“ specifically on the contractor side regarding contract verbiage, roles/responsibilities, and payment.) I can be reached via email at seabloomg, and can get into specific questions from there.

Thank you!

Greg Seabloom

Capital Improvement Projects Coordinator

O: 303-413-7660

C: 303-652-7703


City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

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