COSA Jeffco Open Space – Temporary GIS Technician Position

Jeffco Open Space is looking for a Temporary GIS Technician with the following experience:

Essential Duties

· Data Conversation (Specifically CAD to GIS).

· GIS Database development and management.

· Data Quality Control

· Create maps using GIS software and related equipment.


Minimum Qualifications:

· High school diploma or equivalent

· Must have completed at least 2 classes or have previous work experience related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Cartography.

Preferred Qualifications:

· College degree in or recent graduate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or similar field

· Prior experience using ArcGIS 10.X

· Prior experience using CAD

Knowledge, skills, and attributes that would be beneficial and lead to success in this role include:

· Must have current knowledge of principles, methods, and technologies related to GIS.

· Great attention to detail and ability to record data in a legible manner

· Knowledge and skills in Microsoft Excel & Window-based applications

Please visit the link below for more information or to apply.

Temporary GIS Technician for JCOS