COSA Seasonal Open Space Technician Position at Genesee Foundation

The Genesee Foundation is hiring seasonal Open Space technicians. The work day starts and ends at 24425 Currant Drive, Golden and the season will start in Mid-May. We manage 1200 acres of open space on private land in the foothills west of Golden. Genesee is a residential community that cares deeply about its open space and each season we manage for noxious weeds, forest health, trails, and erosion. This season, staff can expect a heavy emphasis on forestry and fire mitigation along with at least 3 weeks of chemical weed management and a few weeks (or more) devoted to trail maintenance. Ideally, we are looking for candidates with one season of NR experience but we will train the right candidate. Attached is a job description. Please contact me with questions.

Thank you.

Brian Maillett

Open Space Manager
Genesee Foundation
24425 Currant Drive,

Golden, CO 80401

Office: 303-526-0284

Cell: 303-210-5587

2020 OS Tech Job Description.pdf