COSA Sign Wording for Rustic Park Facility


We have a “park” that has numerous mature Cottonwood trees that “litter” the ground with branches. While we have the person power to pick up large branches, small branches and twigs will remain on the forest floor. The terrain is relatively flat and it is our expectation that when the park is opened visitors will be able to wander around as they wish without having to stick to designated trails. Thus, they will encounter sticks, rocks and other natural elements which have the potential to trip them. We were wondering how other Open Space and/or park programs have signed such a “park” to inform visitors that the terrain is natural and that they are using it at their own risk.?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Martha Tableman

Open Space Coordinator

Clear Creek County


Effective Dec. 1, 2019, my email will be mtableman . The old address domain – – will work for a period but it will be helpful if you will make this change.