COSA Correction

Hi All,

A couple members of the COSA community reached out about my last email concerned that it might be spam as well as mentioned that one of the links was broken. The corrected link is

I‘ve been made aware that local governments are getting hit with a lot of spam emails and dubious stuff, my intention was not to add to that noise. We built this in partnership with Jefferson County Open Space, Denver Water, and Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation in response to data we were seeing that parks are being heavily used.

Our intention in building the site is to do our small part to help the parks and open spaces across Colorado, you can read more about our motivation for building it here (it’s written by my cofounder, Connor). A special thank you to all the parks and open spaces using the site, we saw thousands of visitors using it over the Easter weekend!

Thanks again for keeping our recreation spaces open and safe. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.