COSA Join us to discuss range science, management and communication – CSSR M annual meeting, Oct. 2020 (free & virtual!)

An announcement for COSA members:


The Colorado Section of the Society for Range Management (CSSRM) invites you to register for our virtual annual meeting, Common Ground. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with local professionals in rangeland agriculture, land management, applied ecology, and science communication.

Registration is free, easy, and you can tune in to any of the October 2020 sessions virtually!

Who we are

Rangelands constitute a major portion of Colorado’s land area. Managing healthy rangelands means investing not only in sustainable livestock production, but in better wildlife habitat, ecosystem conservation, and resilience of our lands and agricultural economy under global change.

CSSRM is a professional society of scientists, managers, and producers in Colorado who are dedicated to the conservation and sustainable management of rangelands for the benefit of current societies and for future generations. Anyone can become a member through our international parent organization, SRM (though you do not need to be a member to register for this meeting!).

Why attend?

Plagued by Zoom fatigue and one too many meetings? Here are a few reasons to consider adding our annual meeting to your calendar:

1) Connect with Colorado ranchers who are thinking about innovative ways to operate in a changing world

2) Connect with local scientists who are working on better ways to manage and restore rangelands in Colorado

3) Connect with science/range communicators who have created successful connected with diverse audiences via podcasts and online resources.

This is a great way to network with folks working in diverse rangelands professions across Colorado!

How to register

View the attached flier, and visit our meeting page here.


2020 CSSRM Flyer.pdf