COSA Reminder – 2021 State Trails Program Non-Motorized Grant Cycle


Just a reminder that next Tuesday, September 8 is the deadline to contact an area wildlife manager for the 2021 Non-Motorized Trails Grant Cycle.

If you are considering putting in an application, please email a basic project scope and site map to the appropriate dnr_trails by that date to be eligible for project review and scoring. The final deadline for applications is Thursday, October 1.

To continue our goal to improve trail recreation opportunities while protecting wildlife, habitat, and cultural resources, the state trails program is offering three categories for this year’s grant cycle:

Construction: Up to $250,000

New Trail or Trailhead Construction – New trail or trailhead construction, including the installation or creation of new facilities where none currently exists.

Maintenance: Up to $250,000

Maintenance, Re-route or Reconstruction of Existing Trails – Enhancement or improvement of current trails to address resource damage or visitor safety concerns.

Enhancements or Upgrades to Existing Trailheads – Improvement of current trailhead facilities.

Planning/Support: Up to $45,000

Planning – Trail layout, design, engineering, feasibility studies, inventory, use studies, analysis of existing and proposed trails and master plans.

Support – Building and enhancement of volunteer organizations, increasing volunteer capacity, and implementing trail training and education.

While funding is available for all three categories, the program is placing an emphasis on maintenance projects for this year’s cycle to address the increased need to repair and improve existing trails in the state. Applicants may submit two applications for a State Trails grant: one can be for Construction or Maintenance work and the other one must be for Planning/Support.

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant cycle is now open as well. This is a separate grant application for trail construction projects, trail maintenance projects, and land acquisition for trails. The minimum request is $100,000 and the maximum is $750,000. LWCF requires 100% matching funds and these funds can only be awarded to local or state government agencies. Please visit our website to learn more about the LWCF program. You can find the application for this year’s cycle on this page.

Please visit our website for grant instructions and requirements:

You can also watch our grant webinar from a few weeks ago.

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Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding this funding opportunity.


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