COSA Covid-related Trail Impacts?

Hello from Boise (again…)!

Use on the Ridge to Rivers trail system here in Boise has doubled in the past 8 months, as more and more people head to the outdoors to find one of the few available means of recreation. With the increase in use we are seeing significant trailside vegetation loss – leading to trail widening and trail braiding – often along trails that are in great shape and already wide enough – meaning that there is really no great reason for this other than high use and a desire to socially distance. We have tried everything from innovative on-site signage to face to face dialogue. As much of this is occurring in vegetation types that are primarily comprised of grasses and scattered brush there is little in the way of natural barriers to hem people in. Short of installing sections of post and rail fencing (effective, but expensive and visually unappealing as they add up), we have been unsuccessful in curtailing this trend.

We’re curious if folks in Colorado are seeing the same problems, and may have some innovative ideas that we haven’t thought of to mitigate this growing problem.

Thanks in advance!

David Gordon

Ridge to Rivers Division Mgr

Parks and Recreation Department

Office: (208)493-2531

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