COSA Maintenance Ops Individual Placement at Great Sand Dunes National Par k

Southwest Conservation Corps is looking for four young adults to serve in a maintenance role at Great Sand Dunes National Park! Recent high school graduates and those seeking a degree at a trade school preferred. Please share with anyone you think may be interested!

Title: Great Sand Dunes National Park Conservation Intern – Maintenance Operations

Start/End Date: May 3rd, 2021 – July 30th, 2021 OR May 3rd, 2021 – October 15th, 2021

Stipend: $520/week (+Education Award)

Term: 13 weeks

Reports To: National Park Service – Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Location: Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, CO 81101

Status: 450-hour AmeriCorps Service Term

Award: AmeriCorps Education Award $1,638.89 after successful completion

Southwest Conservation Corps’ Mission

It is the mission of the Southwest Conservation Corps to empower individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities, and the environment.

Program Description:

Join the Southwest Conservation Corps’ intern team and help the National Park Service carry out its mission to preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the national park system for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. The Branch of Facility Management supports the agency’s mission through the management of a variety of facilities that enable visitors to experience national parks in a safe and accessible environment. The NPS manages facilities such as historic buildings, trails, roads, maintained landscapes, natural areas, employee housing, and fleet. The Branch of Facility Management at Great Sand Dunes also includes the daily work required to preserve facilities including trash removal and custodial services in such a condition that they may be used for their designated purpose over an extended service life.

The interns will reduce the backlog of facility maintenance needs within the park boundaries during the spring, summer, winter, and/or fall season. Conservation interns will complete a variety of general maintenance duties such as: waste management at high visitor use areas; equipment maintenance, repair historic park structures, provide a full range of sanitation duties, trail and road maintenance, and re-vegetation of native plants in disturbed areas of the campground, parking lots, and picnic areas. These duties will provide well maintained amenities and services for visitors in picnic areas, campground, and high visitation areas. Providing waste management will reduce wildlife consuming human food and will reduce litter within the natural environment. Planting or re-seeding areas with native plants will ensure that invasive species do not encroach within fragile ecosystems. Approximately 10 acres of land will be restored to its natural habitat for native wildlife and plants. Trail maintenance along the front-country trails will provide safe and accessible recreation opportunities for visitors while also reducing erosion and stabilizing the natural landscape. Specific work plan activities include:

· Work with senior park rangers completing trash collection at high visitor use areas such as the Dunes Parking Area, Mosca Creek Picnic Area, and Pinon Flats Campground

· Assist senior staff in the completion of special projects.

· Work on minor maintenance needs in the park’s housing area, visitor center, and other administrative buildings.

· Complete sanitation duty at visitor contact stations

· Maintain trails through brushing and erosion control

· The interns will be trained in the following:

o Risk management and safety

o Use of any tools used to safely complete their daily tasks

o Overview of facility Management in the National Park Service

o Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve policies and regulations

o Vehicle use

o Public speaking

o Resume building

o How to master a professional interview

o Applying for jobs and colleges

o Professional etiquette in the workplace

General Qualifications:

· Recent High school graduate

· Degree seeking student at a trade school

· Must have reliable transportation

The successful applicant must be self-motivated and able to work independently with limited supervision after the initial training period. The applicant must be able to maneuver and operate in a mixture of office and field work. This can include long periods of standing or walking on rough, uneven ground, bending, crouching, and stooping. Applicant must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. Prior to starting this position, a government security background clearance will be required.


· High School Graduate

· Currently pursuing College Degree (preferred)

· Social Security Card

· Birth Certificate or Passport

· U.S. Citizenship

o Permanent Resident Card, INS form I-551

o Alien Registration Card, INS form I-551

o A passport indicating that the INS has approved it as temporary evidence of lawful admission for permanent residence

o A departure record (INS 194) indication that the INS has approved it as temporary evidence of lawful admission for permanent residence

· Driver’s License

There are two different term lengths.

For the position that runs May 3rd, 2021 – July 30th, 2021, apply here.

For the position that runs May 3rd, 2021 – October 15th, 2021, apply here.

To apply, please submit an updated resume and letter of interest along with the online application.

Contact Cait at with any questions.

Morgan Brandenburg


Recruitment, Outreach, and Communications Manager

Southwest Conservation Corps


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“Empowering individuals to positively impact their lives,
their communities, and the environment.”