COSA Job Opening – Jeffco Open Space Trails Program Manager

The Trails Program Manager is responsible for the oversight and implementation of the county-wide Jeffco Trails Plan and implementing the Trail Component of park plans in JCOS Parks. Collaborates and communicates with internal and external groups to build partnerships to ensures successful implementation. Manages contract services. Conducts research, develops planning studies, and prepares design solutions for trail projects.

Please note salary for this position is based on qualifications.

  • Oversees and implements the Jeffco Trails Plan and the Trail Component of JCOS park plans to accomplish the visions and goals of the program. Collaborates and builds partnerships with internal departments, public agencies, non-profit organizations, and governing boards to continuously coordinate, update and implement the plan. Creates and delivers updates, reports, and annual review information.
  • Administers and supports the JCOS Trails Partnership Program including coordinating local and regional project proposals and providing guidance and feedback to public and non-profit agencies. Ensures project proposals are compliant with the master plan.
  • Supports and oversees planning, implementations, and coordination of capital trail improvements and expansions. Ensures trail alignments have minimal impact to plants and wildlife. Assists in developing budgets, cost estimates, contract procurement, scope of work and schedules for projects and manages contractual services according to established policies and procedures.
  • Compiles, develops, and maintains project actions plans and data points to ensure projects are completed as scheduled and budgeted. Provides status report presentations to leadership.
  • Manages contractual services according to established policies and procedures. Develops scopes of work and administers contract procurement; meets and confers with consultants, contractors, co-workers, and the community regarding project requirements.
  • Conducts research, collects data, and identifies best practices from peers, researchers, visitors, residents, and interest groups. Creates and prepares planning studies and design solutions for trail projects. Delivers data and provides recommendations to leadership for implementing trail management solutions.
  • Coordinates the JCOS Trails Management committee. Creates, maintains, and improves relationships with officials, internal departments, local agencies, community groups and citizens to improve decision making capability and implement programming. Collaborates and communicates with county departments.
  • Assists in identifying and preparing grant applications for trail projects. Provides comments on planning and zoning applications. Obtains necessary federal, state, and local permit approval for trail projects.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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