COSA {COSA} Colorado Outdoor Equity Grant application open

Good morning COSA members,

Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Outdoor Equity Grant Board are excited to announce the opening of applications for the 2022 Colorado Outdoor Equity Grant Program. The goal of the Board is to fund programs that bring about transformative change within communities.

These grants are designed to broaden accessibility to the outdoors for Coloradans from underserved communities. The Board is focused on funding for and supporting diverse organizations that provide outdoor education and recreation experiences to underserved youth and families. Programs and projects should strive to address inequities many Coloradans face in accessing the outdoors.

Please visit our website and review the Grant Guide to learn more about this grant opportunity. Applications are now open and will be accepted through April 8, 2022.


Lauren Truitt
Assistant Director
Information and Education


P 303-291-7721 | C 720-498-0472
6060 Broadway Denver, CO 80216
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