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Good afternoon!

Mile High Youth Corps is still hiring for Fall Forestry Programs in both Colorado Springs and Denver.

Fall Forestry (FF) is a team-based, 13 week-long program (10 weeks for Colorado Springs). FF participants (called Corpsmembers) serve on environmental stewardship projects on public lands throughout the Denver metro area, or along the Southern Front Range. Corpsmembers will be enrolled in AmeriCorps—a national community service program. No experience is required! We will provide you with hands-on training related to all projects.

These are temporary positions starting August 21st, with these benefits:

• Biweekly Stipend – Earn a living stipend of $1,120 before taxes paid every 2 weeks.

o Leadership Opportunities available: Corpsmember Drivers are eligible for a living stipend of $1,140. Returning

Corpsmembers earn $1,160. More information available on request.

• AmeriCorps Education Award – Earn a scholarship of $1,718.25 upon successful completion of the term (450 hours of service). This award can be used to pay future tuition, pay back qualifying student loans or go on an expedition through a wilderness school! Corpsmembers have 7 years to use the award.

• Student Loan Forbearance – Corpsmembers can apply to put their qualified federal student loans on hold during their term through the National Service Trust.

• Health Insurance – Corpsmembers are eligible for health insurance the 1st of the month after serving at MHYC for 60 days. Corpsmember contribution required.

• Counseling – Corpsmembers receive up to 4 free mental health counseling sessions per year.

• Networking – Corpsmembers have daily opportunities to network with federal, state and local natural resources professionals and access to a vast alumni network!

• Training – Depending on crew assignments, Corpsmembers will receive training in one or more stewardship skillsets, including S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws (required for sawyers), trail building and maintenance, and pesticide application.

More information about these positions, and a link to apply can be found here: (Colorado Springs) (Denver)

Thank you!

Tierni Chun (she/her)

Youth and Community Engagement Coordinator | Mile High Youth Corps

Cell: (719) 822-3237

Office: (719) 630-7421

417 E Vermijo Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903