COSA Please show your COSA support today!

It has been an amazing year for the COSA community. In 2023, COSA supported:

  • Thousands of emails on the listserve,
  • Hundreds of conference attendees, and
  • Dozens of learning sessions.

Today we’re focused on each one of you:

  • If you’ve clicked on one job posting,
  • Made one connection, or
  • Learned about one new technique for fire mitigation or visitor use management this year

Please show your support back to COSA today. Consider making a $10 donation to COSA during our Colorado Gives Day campaign. Each dollar donated today and tomorrow will be matched by the Colorado Gives Day Foundation. With your support, 2024 will be the best year yet for open space efforts across Colorado. We can’t wait to see you online and in Grand Junction for the COSA 2024 conference.

With gratitude,

The COSA Steering Committee