COSA TeamWorks Conservation Corps Hiring Crew Leaders!

TEENS, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Nederland, Colorado, dedicated to supporting, educating, and empowering youth and their families to make healthy choices and thrive. One of our impactful programs, Lincoln Hills TeamWorks (referred to as TeamWorks), is a youth education-based employment initiative designed to connect young individuals with nature and community. TeamWorks brings together a diverse group of youth from both rural and urban areas to collaborate on projects alongside public land managers and non-profit organizations. Learn more about our mission and impact at TeamWorks Colorado.

Job Description:

TeamWorks isn’t just a summer experience; it’s an opportunity for youth to forge a deeper connection with their community and the natural world. This conservation-based youth employment program unites young people (ages 16-20) from urban and rural areas to work collaboratively on various projects, such as trail building, fire mitigation, watershed restoration, and noxious weed removal. Our goal is to attract and hire underrepresented youth, providing them with the chance to work on a conservation crew. Crews engage with project partners across the Front Range of Colorado, fostering a work environment that is both enjoyable and supportive. Many youth return year after year, forming strong bonds with each other, their crew leaders, our organization, and the lands they work on.

Crews work 10 hours a day, Mon-Thurs, on an assortment of conservation projects including trail building and maintenance, fire mitigation, watershed restoration, and noxious weed removal, and all participants and leaders return home each night. In addition, each crew will participate in a 4 day, 3 night campout once during the season, providing an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of the crew and providing many participants an opportunity for healthy risk taking. Crew Leaders will have three day weekends to explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, which are easily accessible from everywhere we work!

Position Overview: Crew Leader

As a Crew Leader, you’ll lead and mentor a diverse group of 12 crew members, fostering individual growth and maintaining group morale throughout the season. Collaborating with public land managers and non-profit organizations, you’ll coordinate and complete vital projects such as trail building, fire mitigation, and watershed restoration. Effective communication is paramount as you engage with the crew, co-leader, and project partners, ensuring the seamless execution of tasks. Your commitment to safety, demonstrated through risk management proficiency and maintaining a secure work environment, is crucial. The Crew Leader role is not only about project success but most importantly about cultivating a supportive community, forging lasting relationships among crew members, and contributing to the overall mission of empowering and educating youth in their connection with nature and community.

Key Responsibilities:

Supervise Crews: Pick up youth at designated meeting spots and drive them to the project site. Crew leaders will oversee the work, safety and group dynamics of the crew.

Positive Youth Development: Prioritizing mentorship, fostering individual strengths, and creating a safe, collaborative environment. Through effective communication, feedback and inclusive leadership, we not only achieve project goals but contribute to the personal growth, resilience, and skill development of each team member.

Communication and Documentation: Demonstrate effective communication with the crew, co-leader, project partners, and the Teamworks administration team. Complete accurate and detailed documentation of time sheets, weekly debriefs, crew member evaluations, incident reports, and project work reports.

Safety and Risk Management: Manage risk at the work site, oversee and maintain crew safety, and facilitate a safe and comfortable work environment while upholding TEENS, Inc. policies.

Project Coordination: Partner with various land management agencies and non-profit organizations to complete needed projects, including fire mitigation, trail building and maintenance, watershed restoration, noxious weed removal, and light construction projects.

Job Details:

  • Entire season runs from May 13th – August 8th, 2024

    • May 13th – May 30th – Paid training

    • June 4th – June 7th – Crew Orientation

    • June 10th – August 8th – Season with crew

  • All crews work Mon-Thursday, 10 hour days

    • Exceptions: Orientation week (You will work June 4th and 2 days between June 5th and June 7th) Juneteenth week work June 17th, 18th, 20th, 21st (Wednesday June 19th off, work Friday June 21st), Independence Day week (work only Monday the 1st and Tuesday the 2nd). Calendar

  • Pay: $21-$26/hour depending on experience. Crew leaders are paid for driving time with the crew to the work site.

  • Housing is not provided, but we work to help crew leaders find a place to live.

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

  • Positions available are based in Denver, Conifer, Aurora, Bailey, Nederland, Gilpin County and Idaho Springs, Colorado.


  • Minimum 1 year of prior leadership experience with youth.

  • Attend a paid 11-day Crew Leader training (May 13th – May 30th).

  • Minimum age of 21.

  • Collaborative mindset with the ability to work effectively with a co-leader.

  • Exceptional organizational, leadership, and communication skills.

  • Outdoor work experience in diverse weather conditions, up to 10 hours per day

  • Willingness to submit a driving record and proficiency in driving a 15-passenger van in both urban and rural environments.

  • Full-season commitment without conflicting obligations.

  • Proficient in risk management and decision-making.

  • Effective and inclusive leadership capabilities.

  • High capacity for communication and feedback.

Desired Skills (applicants do not have to possess all skills to be a good fit):

  • Practical knowledge and experience in trail/conservation work and tool use.

  • Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid Certification.

  • Excitement and experience in working with culturally diverse groups.

  • Ability to leverage challenges and experiences to foster learning among crew members.

  • High-level group management and facilitation skills.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with land management agencies and non-profit organizations for project completion, including fire mitigation, trail building, maintenance, watershed restoration, noxious weed removal, and light construction projects.

  • Demonstrate effective communication with crew, co-leader, project partners, and the Teamworks administration team.

  • Participate in a 4-day, 3-night camping trip with your crew during the summer

  • Provide timely feedback and guidance, encouraging personal growth among crew members through both formal and informal reviews.

  • Foster positive and professional working relationships with agency partners, ensuring project completion meets their expectations.

  • Uphold TEENS, Inc. policies in the field.


  • Access to a variety of Pro-deals

  • Three day weekends

  • A competitive wage in the industry

  • Working with a diverse team of local youth

  • Paid 11-day long training

  • Connecting with a great community of people

  • Worker’s compensation coverage

  • Making connections with local public land agencies

Please fill out the allison. We will reach out to applicants within two weeks of application submission.

As I look back over the past summer, I can gladly say that my life was enriched from my experience with TeamWorks and Teens Inc. – Cole (Crew Leader, 2016)

I have worked for my share of different organizations, and this is by far one of the best….and one that I am genuinely proud to work for! – Melissa (Crew Leader 2017 & 2018)